The title of this posting sums up the last few weeks since starting this blog. It’s been amazing to see how supportive my friends, family and yes – even strangers – have been. It definitely keeps me motivated and grounded. I’ve also learned a few things in the short weeks that I’ve been at this.

A great example of the support came on Friday when my buddy “Alphonso” (Not his real name, but you can call him Al…call him Al… call him Al), showed up at work with an early Christmas gift for me. Yes, you guessed it, a shoebox filled with three years worth of Runner’s World magazine! While I laughed pretty hard at the time, I really am truly thankful for his contribution to my journey; and the fact that all the magazines in the box were really Runner’s World.

Of course, after reading some of the articles, my head was spinning with things I hadn’t thought about. Do I have a high-arch or a flat foot? Are my cotton socks sufficient enough for racing? How many calories should I be eating? Is it better to do a half or a full marathon? If I have pain in my leg, is it a cramp or a stress fracture? And the million dollar question, what happens if nature calls while racing? Somehow, I don’t think I could pull off the excuse of having a really really really sweaty leg.

So… the head still spins, overwhelmed and seeking answers. However, I’ve come to the realization that I’m going to have to experience some of this on my own. And I guess that’s part of the excitement of this quest. That said, I’ll definitely be taking insight from these articles, and any tips you may have with me… step by step.

Until later – RR.