While searching for the Easter bunny around downtown Hartford yesterday morning during a brisk 2.8 mile run, I was able to snap a few shots of the city’s skyline from the Founders Bridge, which connects Hartford and East Hartford, Conn.

Actually, the truth is, I was huffing and puffing after running up a ramp to the bridge, and so I needed a few seconds to catch my breath. But of course, that’s neither here nor there. As I’ve done before, I thought I’d share share these pics with you from my journey.

You know, for years I’ve heard the city of Hartford affectionately called “The Hartbeat.” It wasn’t until I moved in to the city that I really understood what that meant. And while the city still has some opportunities, I’m proud to live and play here. Each time you run (or drive) over the bridge and see the skyline, you’re reminded of a place where history meets the present and the future.

Not sure what I mean? Here’s some background on the Old State House (hidden behind trees in the photo above), the Travelers Tower, and the Connecticut Science Center, just to name a few landmarks that populate the city’s skyline.

Until later – RR