Let me start by apologizing for not entering a new post lately. To say the past few weeks have been difficult, would be a complete understatement. Surprisingly during this period, running has become an outlet for me. I never really thought I’d utter those words.

Last week, I finally broke the 10-mile mark for total weekly mileage. And this week, I’m on track to exceed 11 miles combined. I’m not quite ready for a half or full marathon, but considering just a few weeks ago I was logging 0 miles, while sitting on my couch devouring Tostitos, I’d say I’m #winning more than my beloved Mets right now.

Of course, it hasn’t been easy. It’s amazing how when your mind is on other things, or simply tapped from an exhausting day, the legs feel like Jell-O and the thought of eating two hot dogs becomes far more appealing.

On the flip side, I’ve noticed that when things seem daunting or challenging, I’ve had some of my best runs. Maybe it’s me trying to escape the chaos. Or maybe it’s the pursuit of just one…one….achievement for the day. I guess I can’t really answer that right now.

But then again, if I had the answer, I probably wouldn’t be progressing on my goals. So, maybe it’s best that I keep the answer a mystery. Besides, what would I ponder the next time I’m on my way home from work, courtesy of an empty CT Transit bus, as pictured above?

Until later,