At the recommendation of several friends over the past few weeks, I decided to check out Fleet Feet  in West Hartford, Conn., after work today. All I can say is WOW. No doubt, I’ll be a return customer.

It started with an in-depth consultation on my foot type and current sneakers.  The customer service rep, Deb, shared her wealth of knowledge with me in a way that even I could understand. It also became pretty clear why I was experiencing some soreness on my right heel lately.

From there, I was taken to a treadmill, where my stride was recorded, and replayed in slow motion on a nearby monitor. What I was about to see was truly shocking. With each stride my right foot took, you could see my ankle roll in a way that just didn’t seem natural. Yes, Running Ray is a victim of the dreaded overpronation.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to that. Deb brought out a couple of sneaker models for me to sample. Rather than try to make a hard sale like some other shoe stores do, she took the time to explain each shoe so that I could make an educated decision. The kicker here was that I was given an opportunity to run on the sidewalk outside, to get a real feel for them!

(Blogger’s note: If you go after work, consider bringing your sportswear. Somehow slacks and running shoes just don’t jive.)

So after about 35 minutes, not only did I get a new pair of sneakers (don’t worry, the NB 730s will still be in service…just not for running),  but I also have a much better understanding of stability sneakers, equipment (wick socks, really?!), and injury prevention.

Many thanks to Deb and Fleet Feet. Now I’m really ready to conquer those long-distance running goals.

Until later – RR