Montreal. One weekend. 23 guys. You fill in the blanks.

Nonetheless, in sticking with the goal of training to run a marathon someday, I took the opportunity to run the city’s downtown streets on Saturday morning. According to Map My Run, I ran just a shade over 3.5 miles. Of course, my memory of the exact route I took is foggy at best, so it’s possible I ran more….or less. But I do remember seeing landmarks such as the Bell Centre (pictured above), home of the Montreal Canadiens.

There’s something about running around a city you’re not familiar with that really gives you a great appreciation for urban living. When you think about it, these same desolate streets that my red and white kicks were pounding stride by stride were buzzing with crowds of people just a few short hours earlier. The loud sounds of booming house music and drunken screaming were replaced with the deafening sounds of silence. Vendors seeking to sell tourists their “goods” were replaced by the occasional pedestrian, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, and a paper in the other. The contrast is astonishing, yet at the same token, delightful.

So, as an added feature to this blog, I plan on highlighting various cities that I have the opportunity to run in over the coming months. And if you’re interested in being a guest blogger, just let me know. The more the merrier.

Until later,