Earlier today, I got back to the running program after a fantastic wedding weekend, in preparation for my first ever 5K this Saturday.  During my four mile run this evening, all I could think about was the song, the “The Final Countdown.” Maybe I should add it to the Running Ray MyTunes list. Or maybe I should just leave it back in the 1980s.

Either way, the song is only fitting as I head down the final days before that first race. I felt pretty good, completing the run in just over 38 minutes.  I am really pleased with the pace, especially considering where I’ve come from over the past two months.  Although, I am not going to lie, I am nervous about the race. After all, what happens if I oversleep?

In all seriousness, as we come down the final days before the race, I’d welcome your thoughts on how to best prepare for a race. Should I squeeze in one more last run this week? More importantly, should I plan on eating an entire pizza on Friday night… or should I stick to my usual grilled cheese sandwiches?

Until later,