A view of Connecticut's Capitol Building in Hartford a little before 8 a.m. on a late spring Saturday morning.

What is one of the most rewarding parts of my new-found hobby called running? It’s having a deeper appreciation for the city I live in. Sometimes in the hustle and chaos of Monday-Friday, one can easily overlook all it has to offer.

I recently tested my limits, determined to hit the six-seven mile plateau for the first time, while also seeing the city with a different lens.

Early in my route, I passed the Mark Twain House, where one of the greatest writers of all-time made his residence. Sorry New York and Boston, we gotcha on this one.

I hit downtown from there where I was greeted by fellow runners and two firefighters washing their unit’s truck at the firehouse. The city is a really serene setting at 8 a.m. on a Saturday.

As I ran up Pearl Street, I noticed my reflection, which meant I had hit the Gold Building. Of course, I had to take a quick second to snap this photo looking up. Who says Hartford doesn’t have any skyscrapers?

Then the challenge began. Running to Mortensen Plaza, along the Connecticut River, and to the Charter Oak Bridge. I had attempted this run once before, but the outcome wasn’t too favorable. Fortunately, the results were much different this time. On a side note, this is one of my favorite pix; perhaps it’s the perspective of the city, and knowing I had just ran from that very area moments earlier.

Once I crossed that bridge, I was in East Hartford. Again, pretty surreal knowing you’re going from one city to another in a matter of steps. Then I hit the Founders Bridge, where I was treated to another awesome view of the city skyline. When I first started training for a marathon a few months ago, I could barely cross this bridge without feeling like hurling. At this point, it’s a welcome sight…

For the record, I fell just shy of the seven-mile mark on this run. Of course, if these were just some of the landmarks I came across on this run, I am looking forward to building my stamina into double-digits and seeing other parts of the city. The only question is: who’s with me?

Until later,