A pedestrian's view of the boardwalk.

One of my goals for this blog is to report out on different spots that I get an opportunity to run in. So far, I’ve covered Hartford and Montreal. This past weekend, I had an opportunity to go back to my roots and visit my cousin Nance and the “Mighty” Mike in Brooklyn, N.Y. During my stay, I convinced them to join me on a five-mile trek across the boardwalk that runs from Brighton Beach to Coney Island.

As we started our run on a beautiful blue-skied, yet hot and humid Saturday morning, I realized that I hadn’t been on this boardwalk in more than 15 years. As my kicks pounded the rickety wood, I had many flashbacks of this spot, such as riding my plastic tricycle as a kid with my grandfather, going to the beach with my family on countless occasions, or walking from P.S. 253 on a class trip to the New York Aquarium. It’s amazing how time flies.

While time has changed some things in the area, it hasn’t taken away the unique characteristics that make it a one-in-a-kind venue. The diversity of people and cultures that you’ll find while running from one area to the next is simply refreshing.

Now, I won’t bore you with all my memories – or the ins and outs of this particular run- but I hope you enjoy the photos taken by the “Mighty” one. I think they capture the essence of the boardwalk and its surrounding area.

Note: These photos were taken after our run – and a shower break – while the video was shot immediately following completion of the course. As a result of the end of this clip, I’m kinda hoping that I don’t become the official spokesperson for the Polar Bear Club.

Until later – RR