Pizza can be bad... A few weeks ago, I posted a video blog seeking opinions on proper dieting while training for a marathon. I got some great feedback from many of my friends and family members. The general consensus is that it’s time to be a big boy and drop the Mac & Cheese (which I did in the video…literally).

A funny thing has happened since then; I am eating better but feel pretty hungry during the day, especially after going on a run. Interestingly enough, I came across this fantastic article by @SpinnerSarah on “staying satiated during training.” There are many great tips featured in the article, as well as some interesting insight as to why I find myself hungry.

If you have a few moments, I’d recommend you check it out. And don’t forget to visit iRunnerBlog or participate in an upcoming #runchat on Twitter, which is moderated by @iRunnerBlog and @RunningBecause.  I promise all of these options are worth your time!

Until later,