When I first started running a couple of months ago, I read articles upon articles in Runners World about setting PRs.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer McGuinness

Of course, being a newbie, I questioned what PRs were and what the big deal was.  I mean, why would a running mag discuss Puerto Rico or Public Relations or Poor Ray?!

Now I understand the running lingo and just how important a PR (personal record) can be in your training or on race day. After all, what else do you have to look forward to as your lungs are gasping for air, legs are feeling like they’re on fire, and you quietly wonder if the race is being sponsored by the letters “F” “U” or “FML?”

About two weeks ago, I set a 5K PR in the Oddfellows Rubber Chicken Run with a time of 26:17. I found this surprising for a couple of reasons.

First, it was a cross-country run, which I despise more than a Philadelphia sports team. Second, it was an afternoon race, which I have found to hinder my performance in the past (maybe I should consider a Costanza nap in the office), and third, midway through the race, I really felt tapped out.

I’ll take some of the lessons learned from this race and apply them to future 5Ks, no doubt. Who knows, maybe I’ll break 25:00 before the end of the season.

Until then, I think I’ll brave the wind and rain from Irene to go play some lotto numbers: 2-6-1-7 anyone?

Special thanks to JD, CT, Lady B and the Hippster for joining my team during this race. It definitely helps running in groups! And kudos to “Ravishing” Rob for pulling this race off. Awesome job by all!