Running Ray's Right Knee with KT Tape
My right leg after being wrapped in KT tape. I am looking forward to seeing how well it works on race day!

With less than five days to go until participating in the ING Hartford (Half) Marathon, I finally decided to address the discomfort in my right knee and IT band area earlier today. The discomfort has definitely plagued my final training runs heading into the big race.

Sure, conventional wisdom would say to skip the race in favor of rest; But my competitive personality really gets in the way of wisdom sometimes; Especially after wanting this as badly as I have for the past six months.

Fortunately, at the suggestion of my friend Marie, I looked into KT tape, which was made popular by U.S. Olympian Kerri Walsh a few years ago. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. However, the tape has not hindered my normal motions so far. I am looking forward to seeing how it responds when actually running.

That said, if you’d like to know more about what KT tape does, or how to apply it for IT band or knee discomfort, check out Marie’s tutorial below. And of course, feel free to use the comments section on this blog to ask questions or share tips on how to deal with such discomfort.

Until later,


PS: Special thanks to Marie for spending a few minutes out of her day to film this special blog segment. You can reach her using the comments section of this blog as well.