Inspired to blog (again)…


This heartbreaking and tragic story hit me hard today.  After reflecting on it a little bit more earlier this evening, I realized it’s because it could have been me. Similar age, similar purpose, same activity…

In a time where it’s very easy to get lost in the day-to-day chaos, this tragedy reminded me to keep a few things in mind. Mainly, no matter how dire, daunting or challenging something may seem, always  find the time to participate in activities you enjoy, stay committed to the things you’re passionate about and work toward achieving the goals you’ve set out for yourself…no excuses.

After a six-month hiatus, I have made the decision to get back to blogging about running. Perhaps it was the two oh so healthy (greasy) grilled cheese sandwiches I had for dinner tonight, but it was pretty clear to me how much I missed this.

Chronicling my journey from couch to half marathon last summer was awesome, but in reality it was really the opportunity to connect with so many of you – near and far – that made this worth the time and effort. It was your inspiring comments and stories that made me push during training, when I didn’t think I had anything left. Along the way, I was able to share some of my lessons learned to help others.

And so while this comes on the heels of a tragedy, I am taking away a positive by re-engaging with something I enjoy. Will you do the same?

Until later,



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  1. Julie Daly says:

    Glad you’re getting back into it! Always helpful to see your posts, when I’m getting lazy they remind me to get out there too! 🙂

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