Running Fortune Cookie

Who knew a late night visit to the local Chinese takeout place would have such a profound impact?

Truth be told, this fortune is clipped to my fridge and reminds me – even when I am at my lowest points – that there should be no fear in taking that first step. Odds are it will make a meaningful difference or contribution to a goal, project, training plan, etc.

So you may ask, what does this have to do with running?

My answer: Everything.

After completing my first half marathon in the fall, I struggled finding the energy or will to continue with this activity. As I slowly began to embrace the darker evenings and colder temperatures, I became more and more frustrated and discouraged with my runs. Two miles here, 4 miles there (in less than ideal times) made me question whether I was into it.

Of course, having this fortune stare me down every time I reach in the fridge reminds me that any mileage would be better than sitting around doing nothing. It played a key role in keeping me going as I trained for my second half in D.C. in March. And I am also pretty sure it’ll help drive me the next time I try to blow off a scheduled run.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how far or how long, you just need is to do it. After all, it’ll matter.

Do you have favorite phrases to keep you going in your training? If so, do you write them out and make them visible in your place?