Does your calendar look similar?

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If only there was more time…

Perhaps the hardest part of leisure running or training for the next big race is finding the time. I know that seems like a cop out, but the reality is life happens. Balancing day-to-day work responsibilities, extracurricular activities and family time, can be a workout in itself. Simply put, I find myself often on the run…but not with my Brooks running sneakers.

While frustrating at times, I have gotten better (though I’ve been my own worse enemy lately). One of my favorite techniques is blocking time on my calendar. Having that reminder pop up helps me refocus on my day’s priorities. And while it doesn’t always guarantee I’ll make it out there, at least I know it’s on my mind.

But as I enter year two in this crazy world of running, I am always on the lookout for suggestions and ideas on what’s worked for others. So to my favorite readers (yes, you!), how do you make sure you’re able to run your miles during a given day or week? 

Until later,