Going the wrong way…


Ever been so focused that you’re not aware of your surroundings? 

Well, that was me this past weekend on a brisk two-plus mile run. Sunglasses on, shorts over white thermal pants, rocking a wool ski hat, wondering why in the world I am putting myself through this. 

As I let the tailwinds of a blustery late morning take me down a steep slope into the park, I finally paid attention to my surroundings, instead of the the million things on my mind. And there it was.

About one hundreds runners, dressed in “ugly holiday sweaters,” some tagging along their dogs with reindeer ears, running my way. I wasn’t in Kansas anymore…but I was close to crashing an organized 5K race! In fact, I was on the course, going in the wrong direction…and for a split second I thought I was re-creating a scene from a lost episode of Seinfeld! 

While the thought of joining the race was tempting, I will say it was perhaps the inspiration I needed (sans the ugly sweater!). I stopped my run to snap some photos, reminding myself what it was like to run a 5K race. Not going to lie, it did get me excited, knowing that I’ll be there soon enough. 

Have you ever inadvertently crashed a race course?

Until later,



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