Running Ray

Chronicling a journey…one mile at a time.


Crossing the finish line of my first marathon in October 2013.

 Hey there. My name is Ray. I started this blog a few   years ago as a way to keep me motivated on my   journey from semi-couch potato to half-marathon. A   funny thing happened along the way; I wound up   really enjoying running. Heck, I even decided to   compete in a marathon [the photo on the left is   proof I finished…barely!]. Since my first half in   October 2011, I’ve completed quite a few. And   because I am pretty competitive, I have my eyes set   on completing at least one half in all 50 states. How   about that for a life-long goal?

 When I am not physically running, I am figuratively   on the run at work or being tormented by any one of
my favorite New York sports teams.

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